Charging at Home

Welcome to Smart Charge.
You can now enjoy a new level of worry-free EV motoring, assisted by the Smart Charge electric vehicle-charging service.Please read our user guide and follow the instructions to enjoy safe and convenient EV charging.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station User Guide

Notes on Using Electric Vehicle Charging Station

To enjoy hassle-free and safe EV-charging service, please pay attention to the following notes.

Keep the charger clean and do not put any object or covering on top of the charger
Ensure your charging cable doesn’t pose a tripping hazard
Avoiding leaving the EV-charger activated without connecting the charging cable to your EV
Ensure adequate space between your EV and the charger during charging
Never turn off the isolator
Do not use damaged or poor quality EV charging cables to charge your EV

Smart Charge App

The Smart Charge app provides an easy way to
manage your Smart Charge account – anytime, anywhere.

major features

Check account status & balance

Total usage as of a specific date and remaining entitlement as of a specific date

Last three months’ bills and payment details

Find the nearest Smart Charge Park & Charge location



Every user needs an individual Smart Charge card for verification to start the private charging service.

Please contact our customer service hotline on 2888 0088 (select language and press 2) to report a lost card and arrange replacement.

Smart Charge mobile app enables you to manage your Smart Charge account anytime and from anywhere. You can update account information, check balance and bills for the last three months, and find your nearest Smart Charge's public charging stations.

Smart Charge provides IEC Type2 charging sockets. Please use the standard plug and coupler provided with your EV.

All chargers comply with the International Protection Marking (IEC standard 60529) with IP54, which indicates that chargers are protected against dust (ingress of dust cannot be prevented entirely, but small amounts will not have negative impact on satisfactory operation of the equipment). The equipment is also protected against splashes of water.

Smart Charge provides quarterly on-site inspections to ensure the charging stations complies with safety standards. You will receive an SMS or email for such arrangements prior to an inspection.

You can call our 24-hour hotline on 2888 0088 to check your plan details, get technical support and information on our latest offers.