Benefits of choosing an EV charger rental service
Transparent pricing
Our monthly fee includes installation, rental, maintenance and regular safety inspection of the EV charger, with no complicated terms nor hidden charges.
Flexible and self-determined electricity charges
Usage-based billing ensures you have total control over your bill.
Installation within 7 days
Our expert engineering team can typically install an EV charger on your private parking space within 7 days^.
24/7 Customer Service Hotline Support
Our Customer Service Hotline Support is ready to assist you 24/7.
Comprehensive service guarantee
We offer regular EV-charging system health checks and unlimited maintenance for damage incurred by non-human factors%.
Quality assurance by professional team
Smart Charge has provided inspections and technical support for more than 500 private car parks. Our wealth of experience in EV-charger installation assures customers of a stable and reliable service.
Remember, a dollar saved is a dollar earned!
Very few engineering companies offer annual onsite safety inspections. Even if they do, they tend to charge for each and every inspection.
Installation workflow and after-sales service
Obtain Building Management Office (BMO) approval before installing EV chargers.
Conduct site visits if applicable (normally takes around three working days).
Smart Charge provides clients with guidelines for applying to power companies for electricity supply and metering arrangements.
Arrange installation of EV-charging facilities in private parking spaces (normally takes around 7 working days).
Our electrical engineering experts demonstrate how to operate an EV charger.
Our electrical engineering experts conduct regular safety inspections and provide other after-sales services.
Unlimited maintenance (includes parts).
Smart Charge EV charger rental service>
Monthly fee* (after rebate) Commitment period& Installation fee## Deposit Charging current++ Maintenance%
(Best for self-owned parking space)
60 months Waived Waived 32A Unlimited
(includes parts)
HK$280 36 months
(Best for rental parking space)
24 months
HK$430 18 months HK$2,500
Monthly fee* (after rebate) Commitment period& Installation fee##
(Best for self-owned parking space)
60 months Waived
HK$280 36 months
(Best for rental parking space)
24 months
HK$430 18 months HK$2,500
Deposit Charging current++ Maintenance%
Waived 32A Unlimited
(includes parts)
*Monthly service fee does not include supply of electricity. Customers are required to apply for electricity from the power company and be liable for all associated electricity costs. In addition to the monthly service fee, customers shall pay installation fee (if applicable) and prepay 1 month service fee. The price of 60 months service plan shall be HK$580 per month, the net monthly fee shall be HK$230 after deducting monthly fee rebate of HK$350 during the commitment period. The price of 36 months service plan shall be HK$580 per month, the net monthly fee shall be HK$280 after deducting monthly fee rebate of HK$300 during the commitment period. The price of 24 months service plan shall be HK$580 per month, the net monthly fee shall be HK$350 after deducting monthly fee rebate of HK$230 during the commitment period. The price of 18 months service plan shall be HK$580 per month, the net monthly fee shall be HK$430 after deducting monthly fee rebate of HK$150 during the commitment period.

^On-site installation of relevant electric vehicle charging equipment will be arranged around 7 working days after successful application for service.

%The maintenance service does not cover any EV charging cables in association with the EV charger; damage to the EV charger caused by any misuse, negligence, abnormal power supply; unauthorised alteration, modification or repair which has been made to the EV charger; external electrical work of the EV charger, nor the provision of consumables and software programmes. Any repair and maintenance services beyond the scope of the warranty are subject to additional charges payable by customers, and we reserve the right to withhold any such repair and maintenance services until full payment of such charges is received. During the Commitment Period under the Contract, you may request for relocation of the Service to a new address, subject to our feasibility assessment at your new address and your payment of (i) the Relocation Charge; and (ii) the Installation Service Fee. Unless we agree with you otherwise, all the existing terms and conditions of the Contract (save and except for the new Installation Address) shall remain unchanged after completion of the relocation.

>This offer is applicable only to private parking slots in buildings or housing estates that took advantage of the EHSS, or which are suitably equipped with the requisite infrastructure, which comprises a customer's fixed electrical installation (including but not limited to): Distribution board, distribution box, electricity meter, cable, cable trunking and socket. The offer and service provided by Smart Charge (HK) Limited (“Smart Charge”/”We”), along with installation of an EV-charging service, are subject to Terms & Conditions and depend on actual conditions and necessary authorisations.

&At the end of the commitment period, if (i) we have not received any service termination request from you; or (ii) you have not renewed any new contract with a new commitment period, we shall continue to provide the charger rental service to you under the existing contract on a month-to month basis on the same terms and conditions (save for the charges), subject to your payment of our then prevailing monthly rate for the services (without commitment period) as specified by us, until you terminate the service as per the contract.

##For basic installation only, additional charges may incur subject to result of onsite inspection. If the 18-month service plan is chosen, a basic installation fee of HK$2,500 needs to be paid.

++The charging current specification for the above plan is 1-phase 32A. The actual charging performance will depend on many factors, including the model of the EV and its factory settings, the state and condition of the EV's battery and the car park's available power capacity.

﹀By participating in our EV Charger Rental Service, you consent to a feasibility assessment of your parking space, acknowledging that the outcome may deem it unsuitable for Electric Vehicle Charging (EVC) service installation.
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